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3D Printed Camera Rig

I use my camera in a variety of different settings, from taking photos on top of mountains to shooting hour-long lectures and interviews. One of the downsides of the Sony a6300 is the small hand grip and the anemic battery housed in that grip. I tried mounting it in a simple cage at first, but that remained relatively uncomfortable, so I decided to design some 3d printed parts that would help me hold the camera comfortably and securely for extended periods of time.

I designed hand grips for both sides of the rig, the right was designed with the help of a 3d scan (via photogrammetry) of my right hand, which ensured that it would be a perfect fit. The left grip was made to fit an external usb power bank, along with a voltage converter that could power the camera for extended periods of time. The parts were printed in TPU to provide some grip and the right amount of flex to make them feel comfortable.

The 3D files are available to be printed at the following link:

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