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Lasercut Personalized Frames

A few times per year, I get invited to weddings or other events that people wish to commemorate with customized gifts. Most of them come in the form of frames with selected quotes, locations, and names.

Some require custom frames, which I also make myself, but most use commercially available ones which help save time and allow the recipient to exchange them to fit their own style.

I made the designs in adobe illustrator and then use LaserWeb to convert them into GCode which I can feed into one of my two laser cutters. The simpler designs with just silhouettes tend to take about an hour to make, while the photoengravings take much longer to calibrate and get the shading just right.

Some gifts are more involved which makes them all the more enjoyable for me to complete and present to my friends. The playing card box below was a fun example of this – even though the design is relatively simple, it was nice knowing that it meant a lot to the recipient.

One of the most complex gifts was a segmented clock I made from old oak floor panels and various types of figured veneer, with a photo engraving at its center. The clock was fitted with a working electronic mechanism and was very well received.

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