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Lasercut Veneer Ornaments

Every year for the past 6 years I have been making ornaments as Christmas presents for my friends and family. Each design is hand drawn and then digitized and laser cut from thin wood veneer. The delicate pieces are then laminated together with cyanoacrylate and finished with a clear lacquer.

The goal with each design is to mimic the patterns found in nature, while still having a unique appearance compared to the previous designs. Although the finished pieces are surprisingly strong, storing them for 11 months a year requires a box, so each snowflake gets a custom enclosure. I spend as much time on the enclosure, giving them a magnetic latch, sliding acrylic lid, and French polished hardwood veneer exteriors.

The designs are not limited to snowflakes, as I’ve made sports team emblems and family crests using the same techniques.

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