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Life Sized Wall-e Robot

My favorite Pixar film is about a robot that falls in love with another robot and ends up saving humanity in the process. I watched Wall-e so many times that for my graduation project in my high school art class I decided to build a life sized replica of the robot. The idea was to have it double as a stand for my sketch book at the end-of-year art show and to drive it around the floor as an interactive exhibit.

Unfortunately I was so rushed during the 6 week construction process and then completely overwhelmed by the response at the show that I neglected to do the usual photo documentation that I like to do for my projects. The thing was super fun to drive and ended up drawing quite the crowd following it around the exhibition floor.

The treads were made from chipboard and ratchet strap belts, and each side was driven independently with surplus windshield wiper motors. I connected them to an output shaft and the large drive sprockets using a short run of #25 chain. The motors were driven by Victor speed controllers and run on a single 12v motorcycle battery. I used a 4 channel Futaba radio as a remote control.

After the show was over, I parked the little guy in a corner of my workshop and replaced the electronics inside with a small drawer. I used it to store my collection of spray paint for some time, before space became an issue as the workshop accumulated more tools.

Eventually, I had to put him out on the curb for the trash collectors. It would have been an ironic ending to a trash compacting robot, but someone from the neighborhood came by and claimed him before the trash trucks came around. Hopefully he is out there somewhere bringing joy to a young (or young at heart) fan.

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